About Us

Our Mission

Tech Training Solutions primary mission is to offer a wide variety of the most current technology training solutions to as many customers as possible through several processes, mediums, and techniques at a fair price.

Vision Statement

Tech Training Solutions is a company founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, and fairness, with the vision to stay ahead of the technology curve by offering professional cutting edge training courses that effect positive growth in personal knowledge and efficient and realistic business productivity support, while maintaining internal corporate sustainability.


Merging philosophic pensiveness with technological precision frequently generates a wide variety of incongruent opinions. What is the best technology? What is the best solution? At Tech Training Solutions, we believe that technology is best served when it creates a bridge between the objective and the solution by producing a greater than expected positive and beneficial outcome. Put simply, we believe that knowledge is power. We will continue to expand our training base to provide the opportunity for our customers to excel in their own knowledge to support their personal endeavors and achievements. In the end, we hope to contribute to those wanting to make a difference and be successful.


Tech Training Solutions is proud to partner with several other companies to offer our customers the most training options possible. Some of our virtual classes and online instruction are the product of our partners. Tech Training Solutions makes no actual or implied warranties on behalf of any of our partners. Tech Training Solutions does not, implicitly or explicitly, claim to be a VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC). All VMware classes delivered by Tech Training Solutions are done in Partnership with a sponsoring VATC. We also only partner with Authorized and Certified Cisco training centers. We believe that these training options are a valuable part of the current trends in online learning. If you have any questions about our partnerships, please feel free to contact us.