VCP (VMware Certified Professional) Test Prep

Take steps to Pass the VCP!Tech Training Solutions, Inc. is proud to partner with for our VMware certification (VCP) test prep services.  The VMware certification exams are difficult and cover a broad range of content.  VMware recommends that you have a minimum of six months experience using VMware products before you attempt the exams.  In addition, you have to have completed Authorized VMware training.  If you still need to complete your training, let us know here and we will help you schedule your training today.

Whether you are studying for the VCP 6 exams (Foundations & VCP), the 6 Delta or the 5.5 Exam, is a proven system for helping you learn the information required to pass the exams the first time.

How the VCP test prep works?

The test prep uses different methods of learning.  Practice quizzes that are true/false.  Practice tests are multiple choice and are timed to simulate the real thing.  The Final exam is a sampling of the 1,000+ questions in the VCP question bank.  Every time you take a quiz or test, there is feedback with each of the questions.  That feedback contains information about the content of the question as well as links to the VMware Publication or KB Article that explains the question in more detail.

Tech Training Solutions agrees with that there is great responsibility is holding certification of any kind.  It is our strong belief that when you, as a professional, are called in to do a job because you are a VMware Certified Professional, that you will demonstrate an extremely thorough knowledge of VMware and all of its components.  Simply put, you should ACTUALLY know what it is the certification says that you know.  Are you ready to start your studying?  Check it out…right here!